NLNPEA Conference Agenda October 20-21, 2014 Awareness To Action: Training to Recognize, Report and Respond to Elder Abuse Day 1- Monday, October 20, 2014 8:00/ 8:30 Registration/ Continental Breakfast 9:00 am Welcome/ Housekeeping- Full Session Opening Brief Introduction to NLNPEA 9:30 am Keynote Address Title??? Sr. Elizabeth Davis 10:40 am Nutrition Break 11:00 am Plenary Session Research and Practice: Addressing Elder Abuse (Panel Perspective) Facilitators: Gail Wideman, PhD and Lisa Adams, PhD 12:30 pm Lunch 2:00 pm Concurrent Sessions – (4) 1) YOU Power! It’s Not Right! Neighbours, Friends and Families for Older Adults, Part I Presenter: Alison Leaney, MSW, RSW (maximum 60) 2) Panel Perspective on Aging , Facilitated by Rick Singleton 3) “The Importance & Benefits of Long Term Planning” (What You Need to Know). Sub headings with key phrases: Wills, Enduring Power of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directives, Next of Kin and Substitute Decision Maker. Presenters: Sarah McHugh-Wade , PLIAN and others 4) Banking and Investment Organized by Leo Bonnell 3:20 pm Nutrition Break 3:40 pm Concurrent Sessions (5) 5) Adult Protection Act- Introduction Presented by Suzanne Brake, PhD 6) Gallery Walk Through Legal Issues –Resources and Services Available Legal Issues and resources- PLIAN/ RNC/ RCMP; Sergeant Kevin Foley; Sarah McHugh-Wade and others; Highly Interactive Session 7) Seniors and Housing Transitions- Panel Perspective Transitions; Housing; Long Term care: Changing Needs; Transportation 8) Helping – The Language of Emotions : How Can We Respond? (Panel) Facilitated by Jean-Marc Bélanger, PhD Bilingual Session 9) Exploring Tools and Resources to Address Elder Abuse (Panel) Facilitator: Lisa Adams, PhD 5:00 pm Sessions end Play: Dance Like a Butterfly [7:00 pm] Q & A session with Lisa Hurd LINK 11 Refreshments and Networking Opportunities (End at 9:00 pm] Day 2- Tuesday, October 21, 2014 8:30 am Continental Breakfast/ Registration 9:00 Welcome: Minister of Health and Community Services, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Review of Day 1: Conference Facilitator 9:30 am Plenary Session: The Adult Protection Act: Report – Evaluate – Investigate – Review Facilitator: Suzanne Brake, PhD Panel: TBD (Regional Health Authorities representatives) 10:40 am Nutrition Break 11am Plenary Session: Awareness To Action: NLNPEA Going Forward Facilitated by: Jean Cook with Elizabeth Siegel, NLNPEA Provincial Coordinator and Rosemary Lester, NLNPEA Steering Committee Chair 12:30 pm Lunch; Closing Day 2- Tuesday afternoon (2:00 - 4:45 pm with break at 3:20 pm) FORMAL TRAINING SESSIONS (5) T1- Respect Aging: Self-understanding for Violence Prevention & Safety Planning, Module 10 and 11, Nancy Allen and Pamela Dawe T-2 Its Not Right - Neighbours Friend's and families - Part II how to use the Tools Presenter: Alison Leaney, MSW, RSW T-3 Transcultural Competency and Awareness Training (TCCA) Presenters: Kaberi Sarma-Debnath,RSW; Yamuna Kutty; Shamila Iqbal T-4 Positive Behaviour Supports: Caring for Individuals with Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) Presenters: Danielle Coombs, ____ and Melanie Murphy, ___ T5- An Introduction to Elder Mediation – Changing the Face of Health Care As We Know It. Presenter: Judy McCann-Beranger, _____ 4:45 pm.