Getting Help

If you are being hit, kicked, slapped, threatened, made to feel bad or stupid, isolated from friends and family, coerced or forced into sexual activity, financially exploited, or prevented from having access to money, you are being abused.

You may feel frightened, ashamed, sad, and worthless; that you deserve to be hurt; or that there is no way out for you because you are dependent on your abuser. There are lots of people out there to help you; you do not deserve to be abused.

Who Can You Call If You Are In Immediate Danger?

Call 911 for emergencies or situations requiring the police.

For non-emergencies:

Contact your nearest RCMP detachment: 1- 800- 709- 7267, TTY 1-800-563 2172

Contact the RNC:

  • St. John’s: 709- 729-8000, TTY 1-800-363-4334;
  • Corner Brook 709-637-4100 TTY 1-800-363-4334;
  • Labrador City 709- 944-7602;
  • Churchill Falls 709- 925 3524

What other kinds of help can I get?

Every situation is different and requires an individual approach. Find someone you trust to talk to. There are a number of agencies that can assist you and will speak to you in confidence. Some types of services you can receive include:

  • A crisis line, which offers you confidential support and referrals. For instance
  • SeniorsNL has a toll-free information and referral line that is answered by seniors with training. Call: 1-800-563-5599
  • Mental Health Line. There is 24-hour support offered on the toll-free provincial mental health line to help those feeling stressed and overwhelmed by their situation. Call: 1-888-737-4668.
  • The Newfoundland and Labrador Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Centre provides support and services to anyone impacted by sexual violence on a 24-hr, toll-free provincial crisis line. Call 1-800-726-2743
  • Support from your Regional Health Authority. If you are concerned about Elder Abuse call:
    • Eastern Health:
      • Rural Avalon - 709-786-5245
      • St.John’s - 709-752-4885
      • Bonavista/Clarenville/Burin Peninsula - 709-466-5707
    • Central Health: 709-651-6340
    • Western Health: 709-634-5551, ext. 226
    • Labrador-Grenfell Health 709-454-0372
  • Additional services in your community that will allow you to live without fear of abuse. For instance, emergency shelters, food banks, mental health services, etc.)

For more provincial resources, please see Provincial contacts/resources.

For more regional resources, please see Regional contacts/resources.